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MCCW issue 91, January/February 2000
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Phoenix? Nah...
issue 91 - January/February 2000
MSX Computer & Club Webmagazine

About MCCW
MCCW is the first MSX webzine. It is made by volunteers. It is the continuation of MSX Computer & Club Magazine.
Editor in chief
Manuel Bilderbeek
Technical stuff
Maarten ter Huurne, Manuel Bilderbeek
MCCM (Frank H. Druijff et al), Manuel Bilderbeek, Maarten ter Huurne, Arjan Steenbergen, Laurens Holst, Albert Beevendorp
Permanent editors
Manuel Bilderbeek, Albert Beevendorp, Laurens Holst, Antti Silvast, Maarten van Strien, Bas Wijnen, Wammes Witkop, Frank H. Druijff
Other contributors to this issue
The Matra Corporation
Thanks to
Maarten ter Huurne, Geert Josten & Egon Willighagen, Frank H. Druijff, Wammes Witkop, Collin van Ginkel, Albert Beevendorp
Handing in material
Articles or other material can be sent to us, preferably by e-mail:

Phoenix? Nah...

The introduction to this new Webmagazine! (Note: the title has nothing to do with the project Phoenix...)

Manuel Bilderbeek

The birth of MCCW

Your editor in chief will tell you how we got to MCCW. Discover the real story behind MCCW and also learn something about the history of its parent(s). Thrill and suspense await you! Especially if you are not familiar with the Dutch MSX magazine scene...

Manuel Bilderbeek

The wolf and the seven notes

In this new course Maarten will try to be a helpdesk for composers. He helps you to solve any musical problem. Not only concerning compositions, but also for specific sounddesign.

Maarten van Strien

De Maiskoek/Bits and Pieces

Short news, small advertisements and the column of Parcellus can be found here.

Linking a TI-83 to an MSX

Would you like to have your TI-83 to communicate with your MSX? Let Laurens Holst tell you how to do this in a very easy and cheap way.

Laurens Holst

The MSX World Expo ‘99 report

In this article the Spanish MSX group Matra Corporation, consisting of Miss Z-0, Madonna Mark Two and S.T.A.R., tells you about their visit to the Japanese MSX fair MSX World Expo ‘99. The article was originally written in Spanish by Miss Z-0, but was ‘rush-translated’ by Madonna Mark Two.

Miss Z-0/Madonna Mark Two

MSX-Kanji revealed

Finally a clear explanation of all the hidden Kanji-features of our MSX system. Find out what your plain MSX2 is capable of! Things you had never expected...

Albert Beevendorp

Wammes’ kolom [nl]

Wammes vertelt wat er allemaal met je kan gebeuren op die o zo bekende rommelmarkten...

Wammes Witkop

23 steps to high resolution on MSX1

So you thought the MSX1 screenmodes are useless? Especially for cool stuff as demo’s? Let Antti Silvast of Bandwagon change your opinion about that! Part one of a big series!

Antti Silvast

Nawoord [nl]

Een nawoord van Frank, die de zaken nog even op zijn manier wil toelichten.

Frank H. Druijff
[nl] Nawoord
MSX Computer & Club Webmagazine
issue 91, January/February 2000
Phoenix? Nah...