[en] The zooming rotator
MCCW nummer 93, juni-december 2000
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[en] All Good Things...
nummer 93 - juni-december 2000
MSX Computer & Club Webmagazine

MCCW is het eerste MSX webzine. Het wordt gemaakt door vrijwilligers. Het is de voortzetting van MSX Computer & Club Magazine. Deze editie is de laatste die verschenen is, bij gebrek aan artikelen en tijd van de redactie.
Manuel Bilderbeek
Adjunct hoofdredacteur
Maarten ter Huurne
Maarten ter Huurne, Manuel Bilderbeek.
MCCM (Frank H. Druijff et al), Manuel Bilderbeek, Maarten ter Huurne, Arjan Steenbergen, Laurens Holst, Albert Beevendorp
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Manuel Bilderbeek, Albert Beevendorp, Laurens Holst, Antti Silvast, Maarten van Strien, Bas Wijnen, Wammes Witkop, Frank H. Druijff
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David Heremans, Pierre Gielen, Mauricio Braga, Alex Wulms, Robert Wilting, Saku Taipale, Nestor Soriano Vilchez, Jorrith Schaap
Met dank aan
Maarten ter Huurne, Geert Josten & Egon Willighagen, Frank H. Druijff, Wammes Witkop, Collin van Ginkel, Albert Beevendorp
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All Good Things... [en]

The preface to the third edition of our Webmagazine.

Manuel Bilderbeek

The wolf and the seven notes [en]

In this part of Maarten’s course you will learn about using FM to create great sounds.

Maarten van Strien

Pentaro Odyssey 2 [en]

Pentaro is back. After Pentaro escaped from the evil Emperor, he found himself on an island. Now you must help our little penguin to get off it...

Robert Wilting

MIDI interface of the GT [en]

This article was originally published in MCCM 79, but is now translated to English by Pierre Gielen. We hope to have a translated article in every MCCW. It is about the MIDI controller of the MSX turbo R GT.

Alex Wulms

De Maiskoek/Bits and Pieces

Short news — mainly in Dutch, sorry about that! — small advertisements and the column of Parcellus can be found here.

The Ciel MSX2+ Turbo [en]

Would you like to know more about Ademir Carchano’s products? Read about Ciel MSX2+ Turbo and see why there are many Brazilian MSX users buying it.

Mauricio Braga

Assembly line [en]

The first issue of what was supposed to be a programmer’s column in the past. This first (and last) issue will have some MSX math-pack integer routines’ replacements and Z80 routines to do some multiplication the way the R800 has internally. Also, the MSX Assembly Page is introduced to continue all of your (and our) MSX assembly needs.

Albert Beevendorp

Kyokugen [en]

This year MSX-Info blad released this fast shooting game from 1997, containing a manual translated to English. A review.

Sander Zuidema

Wammes’ kolom

Wammes over de invloed van MCM op het leven van de Nederlander...

Wammes Witkop

MSX and Laserdiscs [en]

This article contains information collected during several years with MSX computers, Laserdisc games and devices. Some useful information about different video standards is also included.

Saku Taipale

VPB50 MSX notebook - revisited

Het ware verhaal achter deze enige echte MSX notebook.

Frank H. Druijff

MSX-DOS 2 version 2.40 [en]

This article was originally published in MCCM 78, but is now translated to English by Laurens Holst. It is about a new version of MSX-DOS 2.

Alex Wulms

Tunez 2 - Asterix edition [en]

A revival of the SCC sound chip with this music disk from TeddyWareZ

Jorrith Schaap

NestorTIPS for NestorBASIC [en]

This article is about the extension to MSX-basic created by the author: NestorBASIC. It makes a lot of new functionality available to basic programmers. Read ahead for some useful tips.

Nestor Soriano Vilchez

MEGA Guide [en]

The return of the famous MEGA Guide and now in English.

Robert Wilting

The zooming rotator [en]

Everybody has seen this demo effect by now, even on an MSX it can be done. This article can be used as a basis for creating your own version. The techniques are explained using basic so everybody can have some fun with it.

David Heremans
[en] The zooming rotator
MSX Computer & Club Webmagazine
nummer 93, juni-december 2000
[en] All Good Things...