23 steps to high resolution on MSX1
MCCW issue 92, March/April/May 2000
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issue 92 - March/April/May 2000
MSX Computer & Club Webmagazine

About MCCW
MCCW is the first MSX webzine. It is made by volunteers. It is the continuation of MSX Computer & Club Magazine.
Editor in chief
Manuel Bilderbeek
Co-Editor in chief
Maarten ter Huurne
Technical stuff
Maarten ter Huurne, Manuel Bilderbeek
MCCM (Frank H. Druijff et al), Manuel Bilderbeek, Maarten ter Huurne, Arjan Steenbergen, Laurens Holst, Albert Beevendorp
Permanent editors
Manuel Bilderbeek, Albert Beevendorp, Laurens Holst, Antti Silvast, Maarten van Strien, Bas Wijnen, Wammes Witkop, Frank H. Druijff
Other contributors to this issue
Anne de Raad, David Heremans, Pierre Gielen, Jochen Bilderbeek
Thanks to
Maarten ter Huurne, Geert Josten & Egon Willighagen, Frank H. Druijff, Wammes Witkop, Collin van Ginkel, Albert Beevendorp
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The preface to the second edition of our Webmagazine.

Manuel Bilderbeek

The wolf and the seven notes

Having trouble programming the FM-Pac in Moonblaster? This time Wolf’s magic-box shows some hints. The fact that composing is more than just putting notes will be made clear in this article.

Maarten van Strien

Realms of Adventure

Jochen Bilderbeek reviews the latest UMAX game.

Jochen Bilderbeek

Multiplication on a Z80

ML-programmers on a Z80 don’t have the luxery of a built in multiplication instruction and will have to write one themselves. This article shows some of the few possibilities. And maybe even the fastest one.

David Heremans

De Maiskoek/Bits and Pieces

Short news — mainly in Dutch, sorry about that! — small advertisements and the column of Parcellus can be found here.

The LP keyboard interface

A review of the LP keyboard interface, used to connect a pc keyboard to your MSX.

Pierre Gielen

Metal Gear save file faking

In this article Bas Wijnen explains you how you can fool around with the Metal Gear savegame files. It’s not only useful to learn how to cheat, but the assembly programmer may learn something from this also.

Bas Wijnen

Wammes’ kolom [nl]

Een illustratie hoe het vroeger ging op de redactie...

Wammes Witkop

Find It

There are many types of puzzle games released on MSX, but this type actually is really new for on our computers.

Albert Beevendorp

Big computer meeting 2000

A report of the Tilburg Fair 2000, in which Anne also tells you about his dwellings with his Japanese guests.

Anne de Raad

23 steps to high resolution on MSX1

Our exploration trip into the depths of high resolution on the MSX1-videomodes continues as a our guide Antti Silvast reveals a bit of his source code.

Antti Silvast
23 steps to high resolution on MSX1
MSX Computer & Club Webmagazine
issue 92, March/April/May 2000